source link I’m going to talk about a little pet peeve of mine, as it was related to privacy I thought this would be a good place to post this.

order viagra online To show you I’m not entirely about bashing Facebook, I’m going to talk about a feature that I’m glad Facebook has FINALLY added.

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follow link It’s the ability to control who can see your friends list. That means…



prescription order propecia Friend list creeping is when someone you may or may not know, depending on how you’ve configured Facebook, who goes through your list of friends and starts adding them arbitrarily, even if they don’t know the person. I can only assume it’s either to increase their own friend count, add hot girls (I know its happened to others as the same thing has happened to them and we’ve complained in unison) or some other mysterious reason that is beyond me.

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go here I discovered someone I recently added had creeped my friend list. Unfortunately Facebook didn’t have the feature to prevent people from doing that at the time my friend list was creeped.  Or else I would have blocked them as soon as I added them.

get link Now I can pick who can see my friend list and who can’t.

go to link A little too late with the feature Facebook. I guess I was wrong in that I wasn’t going to bash them. Oh well.

buy generic viagra To control who can see your friends list, go to Account -> Privacy Settings -> under Basic Directory Information, go to View Settings -> See my friend list