As the latest art heist in Paris demonstrates, physical security is just as important as information security.

If a security system is not updated properly, you can bet that bad things will eventually happen. So if you haven’t backed up your files, updated your operating system or anti-virus software, you better get to it now.

Here is a quick highlight of some of the mistakes made:

Malfunctioning security system since March 30th (almost 2 months)
Spare parts for security system have yet to arrive (possible inside job?)
Apparently the president of the museum was unaware the security system was not working (inside job?)
Security cameras pointing toward the ceiling instead of ground level (inside job?)
Security guards were ‘dozing’ off, who saw nothing
Theft wasn’t noticed will 7am the next morning
Paintings were most likely staked out in advanced as thief knew exactly which rooms to target
In 2006, 15 Million pounds spent to upgrade the security system that produced only grainy images of perpetrator caught on CCTV
Seems like a lot of these issues could have been avoided a long time ago.