Is anonymity going the way of the dinosaur, with the rise in popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter?

From the Youtube comments:

The point of anonymity: to fight back in a world where people get offended and expect the world to conform accordingly.

Christopher Poole talks about the good and bad of anonymity and how it has affected 4chan.

Anonymity has been a part of the Internet for a very long time. It’s becoming a more prominent issue as the Internet becomes a part of our every day lives.

I believe anonymity has every right to live and stay alive on the Internet. We walk the streets without the requirement of having identification papers on our bodies, so why should it be the same online? We might as well have identification papers on us at all times if anonymity on the Internet is abolished.

If there is no anonymity, then that means everything you do or so, will be tied to your name forever. People may forget, but the Internet won’t, because there will be a permanent digital archive of everything we do and it can all be read about like it happened yesterday.