source I’m not really big a fan of Facebook. The public display of their eroding privacy policies have left me with a bad taste that only enforces my general mistrust of corporations.

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click Since many people either don’t feel that way or are just completely unaware of what is happening with Facebook, I still feel the need to discuss security or privacy issues that affect it.

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see Within Facebook, there is a new option for you to enable ‘Account Security’. I recommend that you enable it immediately if you use Facebook. The feature allows you to be notified when your account is accessed from a computer that has not been registered. While its not a bulletproof measure, its a step in the right direction.

see You will need to log in and log out of Facebook after you enable the feature so that you can register your device, be it smart phone, laptop, etc. When you access ‘Account Security’ you will see a list of registered computers.

source url It’s likely this feature came about after a Facebook board member fell victim to a phishing attempt.

source Take note that, if your email account uses the same password as your Facebook account, then the hacker accessing your account can delete the email out of your inbox before it gets to you. Another good reason to use different passwords.


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