While it’s nothing new that another company is moving away from using Windows operating system software internally, Google is certainly the most popular of them all.

Google is finally big enough and powerful enough to stand up to Microsoft and say “enough is enough”.

From the sounds of it, Google is probably very close to releasing a consumer operating system designed to compete with Windows.

There is even a Wikipedia article devoted to Linux adoption, where they list many other businesses, educational facilities and governments that have already made the switch.

Google even prefers MAC OS X over Windows, even if it is sworn enemies with Apple, in some respects. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Here are some of my random thoughts about the situation:

  • Linux and MAC OS X will be new targets for those who create malware as their popularity increases. One of my previous posts on tumblr discusses spyware infecting MAC OS X.
  • The operating system is not the sole defense mechanism in a computer network, there MUST be other components like firewalls, anti-virus, up to date browsers etc.
  • Microsoft has long been the whipping post when it comes to security related incidents. IT administrators and hackers haven’t forgotten about the “I Love You” and “Melissa” viruses. Microsoft was the only mainstream choice available in terms of operating systems when Internet use increased in popularity. (approx. 1996 to 2003) It was natural that Microsoft became the big target.
  • Microsoft had to learn how to build security into their software development processes, only after building many of its earlier products. They’ve since standardized on a Security Development Lifecycle Process for developing secure products.
  • Lots of Apple and Google products have roots in open-source software, many of which were developed with security built-in, from the ground up, and not as an after thought.
  • Education/Training about security, both for users and software developers, is a key factor to maintaining safe computing environments and developing secure products.
  • Nothing is impenetrable. It’s only a matter of time and resources before a software exploit for any piece of software is discovered. Humans create software, and humans aren’t perfect.

Microsoft released a response about the security of Windows. Throughout the blog post, there are links to various articles that support its argument that it is a secure product, though Google isn’t directly mentioned, there was a link to the Financial Times article.

I actually found the comment section to be quite entertaining as it provided many different thoughts and perspectives to the issue. I recommend reading that as well!